Computer Networking

Network Design for a small business:

Your computer network infrastructure is the backbone of your business. All your devices, applications, software, and most of your work are supported by or built upon your computer network. Therefore, planning, design, purchasing hardware, and security a business computer network need to be a high priority for your business.

To build a computer network for your company, you need to consider quite a few things. Making a computer network run efficiently in business environment is very different from setting up a home or domestic network. Business network design has a high degree of complexity and security challenges. White the type of network for your business will depend on your needs but the components of your computer networks will remain the same.

here is the list of devices needed to set up a computer network for your business:
* Modem
* Router
* Firewall
* Switch
* Lan Cable / Patch Cable
* Access Point
* Repeater
* Patch Panel


Communication has evolved greatly. Traditional communication methods such as mail have been overtaken by more sophisticated forms. Electronic Communication methods offer higher speeds; more efficiency, reliability, integrity, security, scale across larger geographical areas and require less resources to use. Tools and services such as email, blogs, podcasts, instant messaging, and social networks among other multimedia methods have changed the way we communicate to a great extent.